flag of kenya next to an electricity pylon

Trio Of Transmission Line Failures Causes Kenya Power Cut

Kenya was hit by a near nationwide blackout following a series of transmission line failures.

Power Grid Repairs Begin In Aftermath Of Storm Arwen

Around half a million people were left without electricity after Storm Arwen battered much of Britain.

2020 Was Worst Year On Record For Power Outages In USA

Annual census of electricity utilities shows Americans experienced more power outages than ever last year.

St Jude Storm Blows Power Grid Off Course

St Jude Storm winds touching nearly 100 mph bring death and destruction to south-east England leaving up to 850,000 homes...

Lebanon Hit By Nationwide Blackout

Lebanon hit by nationwide electricity outage after two of the country’s main power plants ran out of fuel.

four electricity pylons in snowy field with sunny blue sky

National Grid’s Winter Outlook 2021 Predicts Tight Electricity Margins

Britain will have enough electricity to avoid disruption over the coming months, but National Grid ESO’s Winter Outlook 2021 warns...

power transmission line knocked down as a result of tornados which caused the South Australia blackout of September 2016

Biggest Blackouts In History: South Australia 2016

A “once in 50 years” storm causes a complete grid failure in South Australia leaving 1.7 million residents without electricity.

Picture of Vatican during Italy wide power cut of September 2003

Biggest Blackouts In History: Italy 2003

Breakdown of electricity lines from neighbouring countries causes blackout affecting almost all of Italy and its 57 million population.

9 August 2019 Blackout – Everything You Need To Know

Handy links to every article the Blackout report has published about the 9 August 2019 blackout.

Interconnector Failure In France Causes Outages Across Iberian Peninsula

More than a million people across Spain and Portugal were left without electricity after disruption to supplies from a high...