power transmission lines taken against a blue sky with clouds

9 August Blackout – Energy Firms Fined £10.5 Million By Ofgem

Three energy companies will pay a combined £10.5 million for their role in the 9 August blackout that left more...

electricity pylons and transmission lines taken at dawn with a rising sun

South Africa Left In The Dark Over Ongoing Rolling Blackouts

South Africa energy crisis worsens as emergency load shedding cuts power to more than a third of the population.

street in Lancaster hit by the flooding caused by Storm Desmond

Lancaster Floods – The Lessons Of Living Without Electricity

What lessons can we learn from the Lancaster floods of 2015 and how one city coped with a mass blackout?

Picture of Downing Street street sign on white wall

General Election 2019: What Do The Manifestos Mean For The Electricity Network?

With the UK public getting set to cast their votes in the 2019 General Election, we take a look at...

Biggest Blackouts In History: Northeastern USA & Canada 1965

More than 30 million people across Northeastern USA and Canada in the dark for up to 13 hours following transmission...

computer code on a monitor to depict cybersecurity risk

Cybersecurity Susceptibility In The Smart Grid Era

Does the trend towards a more distributed electricity network increase the threat of cyber-attacks?

Electric-powered van used as part of Northern Powergrid Silent Power project

Energy Storage Pilot Provides Temporary Power During Blackouts

A fleet of electric vans backed with onboard energy storage systems is aiming to “revolutionise” temporary power restoration.

close up of ice on electricity transmission lines

Winter Is Coming… National Grid Winter Outlook 2019-20

National Grid confident there will be enough gas and electricity to meet winter demand even if the UK leaves the...

landscape of New York City during the Northeastern USA & Canada Blackout of August 2003

Biggest Blackouts In History: Northeastern USA & Canada 2003

The Northeastern Blackout of August 2003 left 55 million people across eight states and parts of Canada without electricity.

several power transmission lines against a clear blue sky background

What Is The Low Frequency Demand Disconnection (LFDD) Scheme?

We take a look at the crucial automatic defence mechanism designed to save the electricity system from complete collapse and...