battery storage

The Role Of Battery Storage During The 9 August Blackout

Nearly 500 MW of battery storage helped minimise the disruption during August’s power outage.

line of server cabinets in a data centre

Powerful Lessons To Learn From Data Centres?

What can other businesses learn from the data centre industry’s approach to power continuity?

power transmission line with the sun setting in the background

9 August Blackout – National Grid’s Interim Report Into What Actually Happened

National Grid ESO publishes its interim report into last week’s major power failure.

Landscape of a city or town at night that has been hit by an electricity power cut

Jakarta Blackout Blamed On Transmission Line Failure

More than 20 million people in and around Jakarta left without power for several hours.

solar storm of the kind that caused the Quebec 1989 blackout

Biggest Blackouts In History: Québec 1989 Solar Storm

Huge solar storm sends the Québec power grid offline in 90 seconds, leaving nine million residents without electricity for up...

Cyberattacks Strike Ukraine Power Grid

Digging deep into a double cyberattack on the Ukraine electricity network and asking whether it’s a sign of things to...

Johannesburg Electricity Company Crippled By Cyberattack

Ransomware attack on Johannesburg electricity supplier disrupts power to thousands of South Africans.  

greyscale image of stranded London Underground passengers during August 2003 power failure

Biggest Blackouts In History: London 2003

Faulty fuse brings rush-hour chaos to London in a blackout that brought the famous underground tube network grinding to a...

drawing of electrical plans

Is The UK Prepared For A Widescale Power Cut? Rating The Risk

What plans are in place to prevent incidents that have the potential to cause significant disruption across the country? And...

landscape of west-side Manhattan, New York City, during July 2019 blackout

“City That Never Sleeps” Falls Into Darkness As Power Cut Hits New York

Broadway musicals fell silent following a New York City blackout that left much of Manhattan without power.