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Image of space weather in background of electricity transmission lines

The Carrington Event And Space Weather – Could It Happen Again Today?

Could a solar storm cause a catastrophic collapse of our power grid? We look back to the Carrington Event of...

2 dice showing 3 and 6

What Are The Odds? 9 Things Less Likely To Happen Than A Nationwide Power Cut

It’s never happened before and it’s unlikely to ever happen. But are the odds of the UK’s electricity network experiencing...

lightbulb in greyscale

Black Start – Restarting The Grid From Scratch

Everything you need to know about ‘Black Start’, the process for rebooting the entire UK power grid following a complete...

landscape of a city at night during a power outage

How Would We Cope In A UK-Wide Blackout?

How would you cope in a world without power? Let’s explore the catastrophic consequences a nationwide blackout could cause.

Power Cut Plunges 50 Million South Americans Into Darkness

An “unprecedented” power cut left virtually all of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay without electricity.