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Cyberattacks Strike Ukraine Power Grid

Digging deep into a double cyberattack on the Ukraine electricity network and asking whether it’s a sign of things to...

Johannesburg Electricity Company Crippled By Cyberattack

Ransomware attack on Johannesburg electricity supplier disrupts power to thousands of South Africans.  

greyscale image of stranded London Underground passengers during August 2003 power failure

Biggest Blackouts In History: London 2003

Faulty fuse brings rush-hour chaos to London in a blackout that brought the famous underground tube network grinding to a...

drawing of electrical plans

Is The UK Prepared For A Widescale Power Cut? Rating The Risk

What plans are in place to prevent incidents that have the potential to cause significant disruption across the country? And...

landscape of west-side Manhattan, New York City, during July 2019 blackout

“City That Never Sleeps” Falls Into Darkness As Power Cut Hits New York

Broadway musicals fell silent following a New York City blackout that left much of Manhattan without power.

Image of space weather in background of electricity transmission lines

The Carrington Event And Space Weather – Could It Happen Again Today?

Could a solar storm cause a catastrophic collapse of our power grid? We look back to the Carrington Event of...

2 dice showing 3 and 6

What Are The Odds? 9 Things Less Likely To Happen Than A Nationwide Power Cut

It’s never happened before and it’s unlikely to ever happen. But are the odds of the UK’s electricity network experiencing...

lightbulb in greyscale

Black Start – Restarting The Grid From Scratch

Everything you need to know about ‘Black Start’, the process for rebooting the entire UK power grid following a complete...

landscape of a city at night during a power outage

How Would We Cope In A UK-Wide Blackout?

How would you cope in a world without power? Let’s explore the catastrophic consequences a nationwide blackout could cause.

Power Cut Plunges 50 Million South Americans Into Darkness

An “unprecedented” power cut left virtually all of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay without electricity.