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Picture of Vatican during Italy wide power cut of September 2003

Biggest Blackouts In History: Italy 2003

Breakdown of electricity lines from neighbouring countries causes blackout affecting almost the whole of Italy and its 57 million population.

greyscale overview of kandy, sri lanka

Sri Lanka Plunged Into Darkness By Nationwide Power Cut

More than 21 million people were left without electricity after a nationwide blackout on Sri Lanka.

Uganda Hit By Another Nationwide Blackout

Uganda experiences fifth nationwide blackout in a matter of months.

Chicago Blackout Leaves 800,000 In The Dark

Hundreds of thousands of people are still without electricity after a major power outage across Chicago.

Future Energy Scenarios 2020: Britain Needs “Immediate Action” To Meet Net Zero Goal

National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios 2020 report outlines the path towards zero carbon emissions by 2050, with renewables, energy storage,...

9 August 2019 Blackout – Everything You Need To Know

Handy links to every article the Blackout report has published about the 9 August 2019 blackout.

Planning Shake-Up Offers Energy Storage Boost

Will relaxing red tape lead to an energy storage boom and treble battery capacity?

Britain Sets New Coal-Free Electricity Record

Britain goes coal-free for more than two months… Is this trend likely to continue? And if so, what challenges does...

Cyclone Mangga Leaves 62,000 In Western Australia Without Power

A “once-in-a-decade” storm with wind speeds topping 80 mph causes major blackout in Western Australia.

UK Power Grid Administrator Elexon Struck By Cyber-Attack

Elexon, a key part of the UK’s power grid supply chain, has been hit by a suspected cyber-attack.