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Power Supply Pressures – 5 Biggest Threats To Our Electricity

The UK’s power supply system is built with resilience in mind. But as society becomes ever more reliant on electricity,...

power transmission lines taken against a blue sky with clouds

9 August Blackout – Energy Firms Fined £10.5 Million By Ofgem

Three energy companies will pay a combined £10.5 million for their role in the 9 August blackout that left more...

electricity pylons and transmission lines taken at dawn with a rising sun

South Africa Left In The Dark Over Ongoing Rolling Blackouts

South Africa energy crisis worsens as emergency load shedding cuts power to more than a third of the population.

street in Lancaster hit by the flooding caused by Storm Desmond

Lancaster Floods – The Lessons Of Living Without Electricity

What lessons can we learn from the Lancaster floods of 2015 and how one city coped with a mass blackout?

Picture of Downing Street street sign on white wall

General Election 2019: What Do The Manifestos Mean For The Electricity Network?

With the UK public getting set to cast their votes in the 2019 General Election, we take a look at...

Biggest Blackouts In History: Northeastern USA & Canada 1965

More than 30 million people across Northeastern USA and Canada in the dark for up to 13 hours following transmission...

computer code on a monitor to depict cybersecurity risk

Cybersecurity Susceptibility In The Smart Grid Era

Does the trend towards a more distributed electricity network increase the threat of cyber-attacks?

St Jude Storm Blows Grid Off Course

St Jude Storm winds touching nearly 100 mph bring death and destruction to south-east England leaving up to 850,000 homes...

Electric-powered van used as part of Northern Powergrid Silent Power project

Energy Storage Pilot Provides Temporary Power During Blackouts

A fleet of electric vans backed with onboard energy storage systems is aiming to “revolutionise” temporary power restoration.

trees fallen in the road as a result of the Great Storm of 1987

Biggest Blackouts In History: The Great Storm Of 1987

October 1987 saw the biggest storm to hit southern parts of the UK in almost 300 years kill 18 people,...