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Future Energy Scenarios 2020: Britain Needs “Immediate Action” To Meet Net Zero Goal

National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios 2020 report outlines the path towards zero carbon emissions by 2050, with renewables, energy storage,...

9 August 2019 Blackout – Everything You Need To Know

Handy links to every article the Blackout report has published about the 9 August 2019 blackout.

Planning Shake-Up Offers Energy Storage Boost

Will relaxing red tape lead to an energy storage boom and treble battery capacity?

Britain Sets New Coal-Free Electricity Record

Britain goes coal-free for more than two months… Is this trend likely to continue? And if so, what challenges does...

Cyclone Mangga Leaves 62,000 In Western Australia Without Power

A “once-in-a-decade” storm with wind speeds topping 80 mph causes major blackout in Western Australia.

UK Power Grid Administrator Elexon Struck By Cyber-Attack

Elexon, a key part of the UK’s power grid supply chain, has been hit by a suspected cyber-attack.

Electricity Restored Following Nationwide Outages In Kenya And Uganda

Nationwide blackout hits Kenya and Uganda following a fault on a high voltage transmission line.

Nashville Blackout Leaves 130,000 In The Dark

Sunday wind storm leads to “record-breaking” number of power outages in Nashville, Tennessee.

Exploring 8 Of The Most Common Power Problems

Blackouts are just one of the power problems that can affect our electricity supplies. We take a look at sags,...

Portuguese Energy Giant Hit By $11 Million Ransomware Attack

Multinational utility company Energias de Portugal (EDP) falls victim to Ragnar Locker ransomware.