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Rolling Blackouts Across Taiwan Following Power Plant Failure

Around six million households across Taiwan had their electricity supplies interrupted after an outage at the Hsinta coal-fired power plant.

Nigeria Power Grid Collapses For Second Time This Year

The power grid across Nigeria completely collapsed on Wednesday morning (12 May) plunging much of the country into a blackout.

National Grid ESO’s Summer Outlook 2021 – COVID-19 Still A Challenge

Electricity demand in Britain will continue to be low over the coming months, according to National Grid’s Summer Outlook 2021.

ERCOT Publishes Preliminary Report Into Causes Of Texas Blackout

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) admits more than half of the power outages that plagued the state during...

National Grid ESO Publishes Innovation Strategy 2021-22

Digitalisation is the top priority to transition to a cleaner energy system, according to National Grid ESO’s latest Innovation Strategy.

Historic Winter Storm Leaves Millions Across Texas Without Power

Some of the coldest temperatures seen in Texas for 30 years result in huge power outages across the state, leaving...

Power Station Fire Causes Blackout Across Greece

Large parts of Greece were plunged into darkness following a power cut caused by substation fire.

Power Plant Fault Plunges Pakistan Into Nationwide Blackout

Pakistan hit by near nationwide power outage following technical fault that causes generation plants to shut down.

greyscale image inside a pit of a coal mine

Revisiting The Three Day Week Of 1974

The start of 1974 saw much of UK industry operate under a Three Day Week restricting their electricity use.

3 candles lit during a blackouts

The 11 Biggest Blackouts Of All Time

Counting down some biggest blackouts the world has ever seen including electrical interruptions that left hundreds of millions of people...